Pharaoh's ring
Pharaoh's ring


This type of game with a pharaoh-themed game will show the beauty of the ring from the game pharaoh. Pharaoh’s ring game developed by novomatic. This type of game is the target of many online gambling lovers. There are already many casino places that provide pharaoh’s ring games. Not only popular but also a game that gives unexpected value with an unexpected welcome song.

The pharaoh’s ring game also provides types of games that do not use real bet money. With games that don’t use bet money, gamers can try to play them and see how to get high coin values ​​in the pharaoh’s ringgame. The game level in Pharaoh’sring is 95.16%, which gamers can win with high scores.

Rings and books

Encdp – The winning value that gamers can get is five thousand times the value of the game bet. Pharaoh’sring has a roll game form of 5 and the winning value is 20 times. Game that has a pharaoh theme with an atmosphere of game symbols from the form and magic of the game pharaoh.

In this game gamers will get a ring that can give a lot of power to win. It has an egyptian theme but is different from other egyptian games. The difference is in the Egyptian book. Which in the book will show many strengths and symbols of the game. The Egyptian book is also a sign that can activate free spins.

book symbol that gives strength//Game ring

Egyptian game symbols

3 same egyptian knuckle will get 10 free spins. In addition to the book gamers will also get a ring. A ring that can be a wild sign and is only present in the 2nd and 4th rounds. Apart from the ring, there are other symbols such as: a black cat. Egyptian goddess with wings, rings, beetles, books, photo of pharaohs, card marks A, K, Q, J and 10.

Playing this pharaoh’s ring game, gamers will get exciting game bonuses. A type of bonus that requires the gamer to choose a color from behind the cards. Have to guess the color of the card is black or red. If true, gamers will get additional value from the bonus game. The pharaoh’s cat symbol can give a big win value.

To be able to get a big victory sign gamers must be able to get an Egyptian book. The Egyptian book does not only present a ring but can also present other symbols. By getting 3 of the same book will open the book and choose a symbol for gamers. If the gamer gets the same 3 symbols as indicated by the book as long as it is still in the book’s instructions, the symbol will increase the number and the gamer wins.

Combination win

During the free spins, if the gamer manages to get a sign from the book with the same symbol, he will get additional game coins. The ring has an important role so that when the gamer gets a ring, all symbols will be replaced with the value of the symbol combination. Pharaoh’s ring game came in 2013.

Even though it sounds like it has almost the same title as Book of Ra, the game in the ring still has different ways and steps in winning the game. As is well known, this Pharaoh’s Ring game has an Egyptian theme which will show some of the beauty of Egypt. A game that will show how great the power of the Egyptian ring is which can give power to lead the Egyptian people.